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April 1, 2009
April/May/June/July Events 2009
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September 17, 2008
3rd Annual "e;Challenge to Save Lives"e; Fundraiser
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Newark’s 6th Graders to participate in innovative gang and violence prevention programs - January 22, 2008
Convocation highlights gang dangers - Times of Trenton March 23, 2007
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"Dear Dr. Dyson,

Hester Agudosi, Chief, Office of Bias Crime and Community Relations, advised me of the wonderful..."

-Peter C. Harvey

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Welcome to the Violence Prevention Institute website, your online resource for effective Violence Prevention and Intervention Programs.  This website is intended to provide valuable tips for parents, teachers and school administrators with regard to addressing the growing problem of violence in today's schools and the larger issue of overwhelming youth violence in general.

At the foundation of our beliefs is that the solution to youth violence lies on the side of prevention, and education is the key.  Without prevention programs, and educating youth on how the impact of negative behaviors today will affect them for the rest of their lives, we will continue to incarcerate our youth at alarming rates without ever addressing the core issues that initially led them down the wrong path.

As Emergency Physicians treating young adults whose lives are in jeopardy, we realize that we need to speak to young people long before they are rushed to our emergency departments.  Our programs, currently being presented to Middle School students are making an impact. 

One student who recently sat through our "Cops & Docs" program turned in his red bandana to a School Resource Officer following our presentation.  If we have to save the lives of our children one at a time, so be it; to do nothing is to sit idly while our children die.

On the left side of our homepage are some links that will shed light on the staggering costs of gun violence, and the incidence of gang violence in our neighborhoods. You can also find some information that will give you greater insight into gang activity, including reasons youth join gangs, warning signs, and what you can do to help.

If you'd like to support the Violence Prevention Institute in any way, please contact us today.  In the interim, we urge you to get involved with your children, your children’s' school, and your community.