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New Jersey Attorney General's Office

The mission of the Department of Law and Public Safety is centered on the advancement of the quality of life for the people of New Jersey. The department performs such critical tasks as overseeing the criminal justice system, defending the state against lawsuits and protecting the rights and safety of the public. The department also regulates the casino, boxing, alcoholic beverage and racing industries. As head of the department, the Attorney General serves as the state’s chief law enforcement officer and legal advisor, and is responsible for the management and administration of the department.

New Jersey Juvenile Justice Commission

The Juvenile Justice Commission (JJC) has three primary responsibilities:

• the care and custody of juvenile offenders committed to the agency by the courts,

• the support of local efforts to plan for and provide services to at-risk and court-involved youth through county youth services commissions and the State Incentive Program, and

• the supervision of youth on aftercare/parole.

The Juvenile Justice Commission was created by statute in December 1995 to bring together the disparate State and local offices responsible for the various components of the juvenile justice system. The JJC is the single agency of State government with centralized authority for planning, policy development and provision of services in the juvenile justice system.

Essex County Prosecutors Office

The mission of the Essex County Prosecutor's Office is to support an environment of lawful behavior, safety, security and justice for the people of Essex County. To accomplish this mission, the Office will use lawful and reasonable methods to successfully identify, apprehend and prosecute those who commit crimes. When crime occurs, we will diligently pursue the arrest, indictment and conviction of those responsible, and at the same time respect all Constitutional safeguards for the accused. This will be accomplished through cooperation with other law enforcement agencies, at the local, county, state and federal levels, and with the community as a whole.

East Orange, NJ Police Department

The East Orange Police Department is a community oriented police agency. The Department is committed to the concept of Community Policing and as such is committed to excellence in response to the needs of all our citizens. The East Orange Police Department exists to serve all the people within the community in a professional and ethical manner. The Department recognizes that integrity is the foundation of our profession. We will endeavor to preserve and safeguard the public trust by adhering to the highest standards of performance and ethical practice.

West Orange, NJ Police Department

Our mission is to protect the lives, property, and rights of all people; maintain an ethical environment of mutual respect, trust and dignity; foster a partnership with the community we serve; and, improve the quality of life for all within the township.

East Orange School District

The East Orange School District is located in Essex County, NJ. There are approximately 12,000 students attending their twenty schools. Grade levels range from pre-school through twelfth grade.

 The East Orange Board of Education's board members focused on excellence in education and student success. They serve as advocates for the children and families of our city and are committed to making real improvements in our schools. They believe that local businesses, community organizations, higher education, and foundations, as well as parents, students, the Board of Education, and district staff all have a stake in creating better schools for a better community.

West Orange Public Schools

We are proud to represent the citizens of West Orange in overseeing the management of the West Orange public school district. In West Orange, we have the pleasure to work with a dedicated administration and staff; a comprehensive and challenging academic program; and students who continually strive to grow intellectually, morally and socially. We thank all members of the school community for the successes being achieved.


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