School and Law Enforcement Testimonials

West Orange High School

To Whom It May Concern,

On June 1, 2005 Dr. Dyson and his team from the Cops and Docs Violence Intervention Program spent an hour with approximately 500 of our students speaking about the horrors of violence and the consequences of gang affiliation. I personally witnessed the presentation and I tell you it was excellent. The entire team did a superb job and I would highly recommend the program and the work of the Institute to other schools. The staff and students of our school also concur with my assessment. We would like to invite the Violence Prevention Institute to our school next year to continue our work with violence prevention.

Very truly,
Arthur J. Alloggiamento

East Orange School District

Dear Dr. Dyson,

On behalf of Educational Support Services and the Parent Relations Department, we would like to congratulate you and the Violence Prevention Institute for successfully implementing the "Cops and Docs" and Gang Awareness Program at John L. Costley, Patrick F. Healy, Sojourner Truth, Cicely Tyson, Whitney Houston, Washington Academy and Glenwood School. Your presentation to Parents, Staff, the Board of Education, Administrators and other Community Stakeholders was also a success.

The feedback we have received so far indicates that your program was extremely well received. Our Department fully supports your "Cops and Docs" and Gang Awareness program. It is a phenomenal program that has had an extremely positive impact on our students, staff and parents. We look forward to the continued implementation of your program in our school district to assist our students in making positive choices that will enable them to be productive and successful citizens.

Dr. Alexis R. Colander Dr. William Iyizoba
Director Safe & Drug Free School Coordinator

East Orange Public Schools

To the Board of Education,

The program presented by the Violence Prevention Institute to our sixth, seventh and eighth graders was outstanding. Our students were thoroughly involved and clamoring for more. There is not question that they need this sort of program, preferably several times per year. We look forward to further programs from the Violence Prevention Institute. It is essential that we provide every opportunity for our students to see the tragedy that results from gang involvement.

Thank you,
Marjorie Baskerville
Acting Principal

Thomas A. Edison Middle School, West Orange, NJ

Dear Violence Prevention Institute,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the time you spent with our students and addressing peer pressure, gang involvement, and violence prevention. During both the Cops and Docs program, and the follow up program, the speakers were engaging, informative, and able to discuss these issues on an appropriate level. The presentation was so successful that we set up an additional assembly to reach grades 6-8.

Our students were moved by the programs. I would definitely recommend the programs offered by the Violence Prevention Institute to both suburban and urban schools as a proactive means of addressing these issues.

Errol T. Scales

West Orange Public Schools Roosevelt Middle School

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this letter to strongly recommend the Violence Prevention Institute for any middle school wishing to develop ideas that can connect to students.

The program emphasizes strong decision making skills, anti-gang issues, and a comprehensive message to prevent violence. This is truly a unique program that presents its message through the cooperation and participation of the police department. It also has doctors presenting actual slides taken in an emergency hospital room.

Our students were as attentive as I have ever seen them. Another strong aspect of the program is the dynamic nature of the presenters. The doctors truly connect with the students. I highly recommend the program to all middle schools who want to send a strong message to their students with regard to violence.

Thank you,
Frank A. Corrado

Thanks Mr. Dyson...

Dr. Dyson, thank you again for an interesting and informative presentation. We rarely are able to hold the attention of ALL 4 of our six grade classes combined (approx. 90 students) without any interruptions as you did. It is evident this is an important and necessary lesson for them to learn. Their postitive response to your program was expressed in the student surveys you provided, if you need me to forward them to you please let me know. Also, please find the attached article in our district newsletter regarding that day on page 4. I look forward to working with your organization again in the future.

Carline Petiote
School Social Worker-Lincoln Ave. School

Middle School Student Letters

Dear Dr. Dyson,

I enjoyed how you took time off your job to come and give words of wisdom to the children at Washington Academy of Music. When you began to tell the 7th grade about your childhood, I started to visualize my future. Mostly, I relished the way you explained in detail what you go through on your job. You go through things that ordinary people do not go through. It takes courage to tell someone that their loved one is not making it back home, it happens time and time again. Once you do something over and over again you get used to it, but this is something that you cannot get used to. Thank you, Dr. Dyson for your kind words.


Dear Dr. Duane Dyson,

I enjoyed your lecture about the ways of being a doctor. To me I never wanted to be a doctor because I was scared I would pass out or be scared to operate on a person. But now I want to be one and I want to own a business. So I'm thanking you for everything.


Dear Dr. Duane Dyson,

I enjoyed every second of your lecture. It was very educational. The one thing I really enjoyed is when you told the class that they can do whatever we want. I also enjoyed when you told us your life story and the way you became a doctor. I really hope to become one some day.

Thank you,


This program should be seen in every school in the entire State of New Jersey.


State of New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety Office of the Attorney General

Dear Dr. Dyson,

Hester Agudosi, Chief, Office of Bias Crime and Community Relations, advised me of the wonderful work you are doing in the schools throughout New Jersey to persuade young people not to participate in gangs by demonstrating the horror of gang violence. As you may know, suppressing gang activity through education and prosecution is important to our office. Last year, the Division of Criminal Justice initiated a "Gangs Guns and Drugs" strategy to address the growing gang problem in New Jersey. As you know, prosecution is not the only answer. Education also has a deterrent effect.

I wish to meet with you develop a plan to incorporate your "Cops and Docs" work in the education initiatives undertaken by the Office of the Attorney General. Through the leadership of Director Vaughn McKoy, Division of Criminal Justice, we have undertaken gang resistance and education training (G.R.E.A.T.) with the assistance of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. We can do more, and it appears that your program will be very helpful to our office's ongoing education effort.

Once again, thank you for your assistance with this most important initiative.

Peter C. Harvey

State of New Jersey Office of the Governor Dear Dr. Dyson,

Thank you for your interest in serving the State of New Jersey. I am pleased to inform you that I have filed with the Secretary of State your appointment as a member of the Gang Land Security Task Force.

Accordingly, it is with great pride that I appoint you to this Task Force. I am confident you will fulfill the duties and responsibilities of this position with competence and integrity. Kindly file the enclosed oath with the Secretary of State as soon as possible to expedite receipt of your Certificate of Appointment.

Once again, congratulations and thank you for your friendship. With your continued support, we can improve the quality of life for all New Jerseyans.

With regards,

Richard J. Codey

Office of the Essex County Prosecutor Paula T. Dow Assistant Attorney General/Acting Prosecutor

Dear. Dr. Dyson,

On behalf of the Essex County Prosecutor's Office, I would like to thank you for your support of the Third Annual Youth Conference entitled "The World Against Violence III," held on November 16th, 2004 at the Robert Treat Hotel in Newark. During this one day conference, my office engaged approximately 360 students in grades six through eight who attend schools throughout Essex County.

Your workshop entitled "Ecstasy, Crack, Cocaine, Red, Blue, Black, Purple or Gold" offered a realistic view of the harsh realities of becoming a victim of gang violence. The work that you and your colleagues are doing is extremely important. I commend you for using your time and talents to educate our youth and to inform them that they have a choice about their future.

I look forward to working with you in the future as we both seek to educate young people about the consequences of becoming involved with negative behaviors.

Paula. T. Dow