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The Medical and Legal Consequences of Gang Related Crimes and Gun Possession

Emergency department physicians are on the front lines of violent crime. Their perspective on violence and its aftermath is unique and compelling. The dramatic and sobering message they share with students — that nobody walks away from being shot or stabbed without painful medical treatment and recovery — is presented in eye opening fashion. Doctors presenting the VPI programs show students slides of real victims and their injuries, leaving nothing to the imagination. In graphic detail they explain the procedures used in treating these injuries and demonstrate how surgical instruments are used in an emergency room. The doctors also explain that criminals committing crimes are often injured just as badly as the victims, frequently as a result of trying to escape from the police. When a crime occurs or someone is injured, police officers are the first to respond to the scene. In our Violence Intervention program, officers tell students about their real-life experiences responding to violent crime scenes.


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Medical Consequences of Violence