What is the Institute for the prevention of violence?

violencepreventioninstitute - Institute For The Prevention Of Violence

Goals of the Anti-Violence Institute

The aim of the Institute for the prevention of violence is to inform and educate the public about the causes and consequences of all forms of violence; to assist individuals and groups in preventing violence; to reduce the stigma that often accompanies these issues; and to support public policies that promote healthy, equal, safe and just communities.

The institute's mission is to reduce violence through prevention services, education and public policy initiatives. The institute promotes the understanding of violence as a social problem requiring common solutions. It offers bachelor's and master's degrees, continuing education courses, lectures and seminars, internships, support services for victims of violence, their friends and family members, and community outreach programs.

Education and public policy programmes

The institute's education programmes and public policy initiatives aim to reduce violence by providing the public with information and strategies that can help prevent it. The institute's website contains articles, resources, news and current events, fact sheets and other information that can help people to recognise warning signs and take preventive action.

Online courses aim to provide students with the basics they need to understand violence and its causes, recognise warning signs, take appropriate action and help build a culture free of violence. A key feature of these courses is their interdisciplinary approach, which includes perspectives from psychology, sociology, public health, law and other relevant fields.

Violence prevention services

The institute's services are aimed at helping victims of violence and preventing further acts of violence. The services offered include support groups, crisis intervention and referrals to other agencies for additional assistance and support.

The institute has extensive experience working with many people affected by violence, including those who have been victims of partner violence and child abuse or neglect, those who have been sexually assaulted, those who have experienced stalking or cyberstalking, those who have engaged in bullying or cyber-bullying, and those who have witnessed or have knowledge of violence.

Research initiatives

The institute conducts research on violence against intimate partners, child abuse and neglect, sexual assault and stalking. Research results are targeted at three main audiences: the research community, service providers and the general public.

The institute works to increase the understanding of the nature and extent of violence in relationships, child abuse and neglect, sexual assault and harassment, both among researchers and the general public. To this end, it publishes articles and books, organises conferences and seminars, and makes resources and information available online.

The institute also trains graduates and students to conduct research and use its results in the design of effective intervention programmes.
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